A Ghoul’s Dating Dilemma




7 thoughts on “A Ghoul’s Dating Dilemma

  1. I LOVE these ghouls! Clever, hysterically funny, and it really helps us humans to see the dating plight of ghouls in a compassionate, non-judgmental way. I want vampires (hot ones) and how about an occasional Prince for this Princess (maybe Bigfoot will have to do). And ET’s, the FRIENDLY kind (I’ll bet they’d have trouble getting a date too!).

    This is WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL work!

    • Well, sure a Prince or two. Time travel! Yay! A Prince will be more appealing for you then Bigfoot, I think. His name is Virgil, and he smells. Even worse then Dwayne.

  2. The talent never ends! I would like to see some embedded video here. Perhaps you can master film too? Keep the Mac warm- it’s going to be a cold winter…. Noel

  3. This poor Mac is boiling by the end of the day. Embedded video…? I’m still trying to figure out this stuff. But I appreciate the confidence. :0)

  4. A smelly Prince…hmmm…well, I have had one or two of those in my time. I’m sure Virgil will be far more interesting than THEY were!

  5. I am most impressed in how you drew Emily (poor naive Emily) little does she know about haunted houses….her expressions are wonderful—-Onward..so does Emily meet Satan or is he going to be in Aspen skiing all winter????…………..norma olssen

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