A Ghoul Recommends

Check out Trish and Don from Seattle.  Trish’s business card reads “Tweeting Coach; Tweet Like the Celebs In No Time! Lure More Followers!”.  And if you’re unsure which colored rocks to offset your neon tetras, Don’s the man for you!  Deciding to have a quick trip to the coast, they drop in at Two Tops Fine Food and Drink.  While waiting for their table, Don decides to chat up the locals…Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!



3 thoughts on “A Ghoul Recommends

    • Thanks so much – many more are living in crowded unsanitary conditions in my brain, waiting to come out. Hey, you can subscribe now, ya know, so’s you can actually get alerted when the next comes up. And the other bloggy-do as well!

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