Thorndike Loves His Daquari

Dwayne has informed our  bartender, Doctor, that Thorndike is about to arrive so he can have Thorndike’s drink ready on arrival.  Click on the cartoon to join local ghouls, Tim and Dwayne, and newcomer Emily.


4 thoughts on “Thorndike Loves His Daquari

  1. I laughed SO HARD…the IDH’s eyeball with its shifting directional focus and the yellow, um, thing, coming out from under the bar to, um, suck the daquiri down, the expression on the faces, the “thwap,”–and all the little details! This is wonderful!!

  2. Yes- Thorndike has a certain persona. I would like to see more of him, her-it! You know about the alternate universe theory? Anything one creates in the mind is real somewhere…. L/N

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