Captain Phil and The Ghouls.

Captain Phil stops by Two Tops and inspires our local ghoul, Tim, to consider a stand-up career.  Click on the image to join them and poor sick ghoul Dwayne who is NOT amused.

And for those far removed from the pre-grunge scene in Portland, Oregon, The Wipers hail from that era.  Dwayne enjoys sporting t-shirts from various bands – from The Wipers to the Jonas Brothers.


2 thoughts on “Captain Phil and The Ghouls.

  1. Man! is that ever ghoul humor! Expiration date indeed!!love Capt. Phil…he looks familiar somehow. Great drawings-expressions.YAY!……….Your No. 1 Fan-norma

  2. Again, the details, the expressions, the dialogue…perfection! Hilarious perfection!! More, more more! What comes first in cartooning land–syndication or a book? Fame is right around the corner…

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