Don’t Pet Strange Dogs

Did anyone ever tell you not to pet strange dogs?  In Foggy Cove  at the Two Tops bar that takes on a whole new meaning.  Click to enlarge!


4 thoughts on “Don’t Pet Strange Dogs

  1. The absoutely funniest comic yet….I was laughing ( OUT LOUD) before I got to the second ..panel,,,and I really needed a laugh.THANK YOU…your no 1 fan.norma

  2. Love the addition of the dog. I swear, Alli-Ann, I don’t know where you come with your very clever ideas !!! Keep ’em coming.

  3. I feel cheated – in all my pet sitting I’ve only had the pet me, feed me, poop me, no surprises kind of dog. Guess I should get on over to TwoTops for one of your creations if I want excitement – very creative A!

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