Remodeling the Bar in Foggy Cove

While Vampires Kirk and Miles continue their quest, Emily lets slip some disturbing news for Dwayne.  Click on the image to enlarge, and fear not!  The bar will reopen the week of February 21st.  Hope you’ll drop by for drinks with the gang at Two Tops for the Grand Re-Opening!  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


7 thoughts on “Remodeling the Bar in Foggy Cove

  1. I, like Dwayne,will be in limbo the two weeks the bar is closed. What to do—what to do….I feel just like Dwayne….No1 fan.norma

  2. I commented somewhere else, too…what ethers did that comment fall into?
    But, I forgot to say that I loved the big Dwayne face! And what the hell is the fourth wall?

    • You commented on my other blog at vikingme and thanks! Fourth wall – well, I would say it’s an acting term. It’s when, say, a character speaks directly to the audience – like if Joey in Friends would suddenly start talking to the camera. It means the character is aware of the audience/creator. In a scene, you, as the viewer, see only “three walls”. If there was an actual fourth wall, you couldn’t see what was going on from the audience! SO, the fourth wall is implied and when it’s “broken”, a character has spoken directly to the viewer. In this case, Dwayne is appealing directly to me, knowing that if I’m not drawing the bar, he doesn’t exist. Sad really. Hope that makes sense. And why I chose Joey from Friends as an example, I’ll never know.

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