Two Tops The Bar is Open for Ghoulish Business.

Dwayne and Tim are happy to be back at Two Tops after the remodel closed the bar for a couple weeks.  But Dwayne’s initial jubilation turns to disgruntlement when he sees the extent of the changes.  And then, Sarah is bad.  Bad Sarah!  Click on the image to see why.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


11 thoughts on “Two Tops The Bar is Open for Ghoulish Business.

  1. I loved it –very unexpected….a plastic flower indeeed……poor Sarah..does Sarah KNOW she’s eating plastic???????your #1 fan, norma

  2. WHAT A WELCOME AND WONDERFUL RETURN! SO GLAD THE GHOULS ARE BACK!!! Dwayne’s face and hallelujah arms in the first frame are priceless! And Napalm Beach, and the hand pointing to the flower as the remodel…great! And Sarah’s claw and the “Burp” and the “mmm, crunchy.” GREAT. ALL FREAKING GREAT!!!! YOU ARE THE MASTER!!!! ALL CARTOONISTS SHOULD BOW TO YOU!!!

    • Wow. I love your comments. :o) Can’t take credit for Napalm Beach – a Portland pre-grunge band. As you know, Dwayne has quite the t-shirt collection. Ok, I’m off now to write all the cartoonists to remind them to bow to ME ME ME.

  3. I’m loving Sarah’s hand. Very Big Daddy Roth.

    I work with Chris Newman quite often, by the way. He’s even been to my house! Only dude I know with more black clothes than me.

    Anyway…thank you for bringing back our favorite creatures! The long national nightmare is over.

    • Chris Newman the experimental interdisciplinary artist? Very cool! He looks, you know, deep and stuff. And talented. And international. Tell him hey for me.
      And I wish I could say Big Daddy Roth was an influence, but I had to look him up. Jeez. Probably sub-consciously though, I certainly remember Rat Fink! I’m grateful I have friends to educate me.

  4. A- love it, Dwayne is a crack up! Sarah could be handy to have around if she eats dead leaves off house plants. Or is she only into plastic?

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