Local Ghoul, Dwayne and Dog The Bounty Hunter

This week we get a peek into Dwayne’s past and the reasons Dog the Bounty Hunter was hot on his trail.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


7 thoughts on “Local Ghoul, Dwayne and Dog The Bounty Hunter

  1. Some women DO find the bad boys appealing. (Thank Goddess)

    OK, so what is Tim drinking and why does he get his own bottle? (I’ve been curious for weeks, but been “Too Shy” to ask.)

    See what I did there?

    • I do see (eye to eye)! As for the drink -I think it’s your basic Ghoul Brew. You know, one of those fancy schansy microbrews…
      Emily likes her Irish Coffee while Dwayne sticks mostly to the reds. Originally he was going to drink absinthe but the glass and the spoon and the sugar – too much too draw! Saving that for a guest star…

  2. Loved it! Your characters are becoming members of the household…..and Dwayne .s sense of humor is great–oh guess it’s the creators sense of humor….Your No.#1 fan.norma

    • Hmmmm. I think you mean TIM’S snarky sense of humor. He’s the shrouded ghoul who’s always tormenting poor Dwayne and making head explode. But that’s interesting, because originally, the names were, in fact, reversed, because I thought Tim seemed more Dwayne-like. But, by accident I reversed the names, and even still I have to think hard to remember which is which.

  3. OK, you keep creating a new FAVORITE one!!! This is the BEST!! Maybe it’s because I have a thing for those Bad Boys myself!! I love it…EVERY frame, EVERY expression (especially Dwayne’s last look for Tim) and ALL the dialogue! Don’t see how it could ever get ANY better (unless, of course, there was a gorgeous Bad Boy Vampire)!!

    • hmmm, gorgeous Bad Boy Vampire. Possibly. It’s kind of been done, but perhaps I could twist it up a bit.

  4. These keep getting better and better! LB stole my comment – except I would probably prefer a mystical, psychic-type self-help vampire/ghoul, good looks optional.

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