Two Tops Welcomes the Gorn.

While Dwayne stays at home finishing up the details of his head, Emily pops into Two Tops (as usual), with her tale of another romance ended practically before it began.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


2 thoughts on “Two Tops Welcomes the Gorn.

  1. Is there no limit to your imagination….?????? Fantastic……..very funny…wish I were at the Two Tops Bar !!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be a hoot!!!!!!!!!.Your No 1 Fan!!!!.norma

  2. That handsome Gorn looks very familiar…I might have dated him in my long ago past! Let me have him before Emily gets her shot! As always, clever as can be…witty, humorous, and just plain marvelous in every way. Ghouls (and their creator) rock!

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