Gorn Flies His Diva Flag – Take Two

Those of you who subscribe saw a sneak peak into what happens when the characters mess up their lines and you even might pick up on a very few subtle changes.   And so here is take two – Hector the Gorn shows his Diva Side! (and if any of them have messed up again, they are FIRED.)  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


4 thoughts on “Gorn Flies His Diva Flag – Take Two

  1. I KNEW there had to be a Gorn technical advisor on Star Trek. Poor Hector! He missed his big shot at stardom! Does he go out to Vasquez Rocks and dream about what might-have-been? hee hee

  2. THIS IS MAGNIFICO! (Italian to go with the Diva gorn)…right up there with Dwayne’s exploding head! Your gift for expressing in this form keeps developing in extraordinary ways. With each fantastic cartoon, I am more amazed at your imagination, wit, and cleverness. I’d love a day living in your Allison mind! BRAVO!

  3. Having kept my mouth shut about Hector fluffing his lines, I will now add my two cents.

    Six panels…cool! I’m digging the new format. It allows the scene to develop and unfold with more nuance.

    I also like the new character, although I must admit I’m not enough of a Trekkie to know the Gorn name. Once you revealed it, though, I totally remembered the action packed fight scene with Kirk…not to mention the sparkly eyes.

    Allison, your comic timing and dialogue pacing just keep getting better every time. You rock, my friend.

    • Thanks very much! I’ll be putting a link on the link page to jog memories if needed. Six panels was fun – takes longer to do, but does allow for more exploration. Four panels is good exercise in writing succinctly. I’ll be going back and forth. I think Hector has one more to go in this particular arc. (see, I’m trying to sound all writer-like…)

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