That’s Gorn With A G!

Captain Phil keeps an eye on the goings on between Hector the Gorn and Emily, while Emily hopes to let Hector down easy.  Be SURE to click on the image to join them in Two Tops!  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


4 thoughts on “That’s Gorn With A G!

  1. Once more I am amazed and astonished at your very clever and funny story line and in absolute awe at your drawings, Thanks you for sharing your creativity!!!!!!! Your NO#1 fan……………….norma

  2. The expressions, the cleverness, the artistry…oh, the gift you have…it’s priceless what you do with these lovable characters in this unique expression of your creativity! Love that Gorn, but don’t ever let him actually bring out his…you know…THAT would be mighty scary!

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