Dwayne’s Return

Dwayne’s back at Two Tops! Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


4 thoughts on “Dwayne’s Return

  1. How DO you do it? One day I will walk into a bar and be transported into the Two Tops parallel universe…a universe ruled and created by the gifted Allison Walker and peopled by incredible characters! (I especially love the “order of crickets please” and Tim’s last line!) You rock! Don’t stop…I can hardly wait for the next one!

  2. “Curl up and Dye Salon ” has got to become a classic ( if it isn’t already) and the Asp line is a hoot…….glad to see Dwayne back….as always the drawings are fantastic….miss Gorn…hope to see him soon….–great job! Your No #1 Fan….norma

  3. This is one of my favorites so far………I’m partial to Dwayne, I think because I’d so love to be able to have my head explode and then grow it back.

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