Ghoul Dwayne Is Still Channeling PePe Le Pew

We join our local ghouls, Dwayne and Tim, as Emily returns from the Little Ghoul’s Room (and a possible foiled escape attempt).  Tim decides it’s time to end this charade once and for all.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


9 thoughts on “Ghoul Dwayne Is Still Channeling PePe Le Pew

  1. Well thank goodness, I was beginning to think Emily was caught in Dwayne’s lovelike deathgrip! Thanks for the new episode!

  2. Many have made out with zombies—but few have enjoyed it!!!!Great job! thanks again for another great cartoon !…and the plot seems to thicken….is Dwayne going to lose his head over this one??? surely he’s not hiding out in the little ghouls room….please tell me he isn ‘t………..Your No #1 fan.norma

  3. It is astounding how all of the Dwaynes in this cartoon are so brilliantly alive and vibrant ( ghoul-in-love and ghoul repulsed)! I have been known to kiss FAR too many zombies…at least I will now know how to handle any future Dwaynes if the hogging all the brains won’t work! Really, Allison, this series is absolutely fan freakin’ tastic!

  4. Allison! I love your work! I especially love the tought process, and play-by-play of a cartoonist at her best! I really enjoyed reading all of these, and now I can really understand why that arm hurts!!! Steve squeezing the tube was very entertaining.

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