Emily Learns Ghouls’ Affections Can Be Tricky

We join our local ghoul, Tim and poor Emily, who didn’t realize what she was getting into when she decided to try to wiggle out of Tim’s affections in a less then honest way.Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


3 thoughts on “Emily Learns Ghouls’ Affections Can Be Tricky

  1. OK….a lesson for us all….the truth may hurt but its less painful in the long run……loved it……thanks again for another great cartoon……Your No#1 fan.norma

  2. Looks like Emily discovered one of the ancient secrets of stress relief – when you need time to yourself, get yourself a ghoul and piss him off…..then everyone will leave you alone for awhile!

  3. Poor, Poor Emily…it would be one thing to only be shunned by ghouls, but EVERYONE?! That seems patently unfair considering she was only trying to not crush a poor ghoul’s yearning heart. Surely, a way will be found by the great and clever Allison so that Emily will be free of Dwayne’s unwelcome affections without his feelings being hurt, and she won’t have to to live a long, lonely life (which is better than the “killed” option, one must admit). How come Tim is getting off scott free for his part in this? Awesome as always. I worship your gifts, o great cartoonist!

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