The Vampires Stop By to Brag

While Emily takes a night off from the bar to catch up on her writing, vampires (or Veekpires as they like to be called due to their geekness) Kirk and Miles stop by the bar to brag about Miles’ accomplishment.  Possibly, the ghouls aren’t really the demographic they’re aiming for.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


2 thoughts on “The Vampires Stop By to Brag

  1. OK-This cartoon is fall off the chair FUNNY! references to Al Gore and Jennifer Aniston——genius absolute genius….and where in the heck did you come up with the scientific jargon???Well, in view of the fact that you are a genius of course you would have all that on the tip of your tongue!!!!!LOVED IT! Your NO#1 fan..norma

  2. DARLING! Oh to be as simple about things as Dwayne! I think I live somewhere between him and the Veekpires…rather a strange dwelling place. I especially love, “Did Al Gore do a rapper video?” and Tim’s eyes at the end…
    As always, incredibly clever and delightful!!

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