Hector The Gorn Warms Up in Two Tops

Hector, or rather, Bear Bodkin, prefers the warmth of Two Tops to actually doing what he was hired to do.  Emily disapproves.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


3 thoughts on “Hector The Gorn Warms Up in Two Tops

  1. LOVE THE HAT, THE MUSTACHE,GORN IS STILL ADORABLE….Very appealing dialogue..and of course the drawings are spiffy…..Very Cute—once again you scored!…Your No 1 fan..norma

  2. Could anyone have created a more darling character than Hector the Gorn with his dashing outfit and moustache?! I think NOT! He is completely adorable and has charmed the socks off me! I especially love his crossed eyes as he looks at his moustache falling off. You have created another exceptional cartoon, dear sister!

  3. Would it even be possible for any character ever created to match the darling Gorn? He is completely adorable in his private eye outfit and dashing moustache…who could resist being charmed by him?!

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