Emily’s Single and Hector’s In Trouble

Apparently Emily’s new boyfriend (SO new he still had that new boyfriend smell) doesn’t appreciate large alien lizard creatures stalking him.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


5 thoughts on “Emily’s Single and Hector’s In Trouble

  1. VERY FUNNY!…and…adorable…..nice touch with the wine glass getting spilled..and the napkin flying up in the air—your detail is great!!!Your humor even greater!….Your no #1 fan…norma

  2. You seem to have an endless well of imagination, cleverness, and adorable (sometimes twisted, but always charmingly) ideas, and you back them up with talent, skill, an immense wealth of humor, ghouls, a dapper Gorn, forlornly but intrepidly single Emily, and, of course, the Two Tops staples, Tim (love his hand to his mouth as he wonders whether he would have to wear pants to dance) and Dwayne (still regrowing his head, eh?). LOVE YOUR GIFT!

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