Emily Reviews The Gorn’s Official Private Eye Contract

Even though Hector chased off Emily’s new boyfriend, she feels obligated to honor The Gorn’s contract.  But she failed to read the fine scrawl.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


8 thoughts on “Emily Reviews The Gorn’s Official Private Eye Contract

    • Thanks, Tiki Carol! I’ll probably be drawing a lot more drips – I’m usually go with what’s going on outside here!

  1. KUDOS! YOU ROCK! I am endlessly fascinated with your imagination, and in awe of the constantly evolving level of artwork and the perfectly conceived dialogue. Emily looks smashing. The subtle changes in her expression make her so alive, and the gorn, well, while I have a sneaking suspicion that Hector isn’t familiar with the word “integrity” he is still so darn cute in his gornness that I forgive him. Won’t be hiring him to follow any of my boyfriends, though. His appetite for cuddly little animals, no matter how natural to his species, does show a very unfortunate side. Can you convert him to vegan? (I won’t hold my breath on this one).

  2. .Glad to see Friday arrive and another Payne cartoon…..Clever inserts…great notion…especially Hectors “fingers” writiing…ahhh so many opportunities missed (Emily’s chance at a castle}…through silly follys created…(hiring Hector)……brings back memories…….Thanks for another fun and funny cartoon…YourNo1 fan.Norma

  3. Ya know, after thinking about it today,
    I feel I need to say that you should look into making Two Tops an animated short, maybe for Adult Swim on Cartoon Network?
    Never hurts to look into it. Your work is so original and fresh.

    • Interesting, Tiki Carol! You got my little brain a-whirling. I’ve NO idea how one would go about that, but I have always thought Two Tops would be fun to animate. Thanks very much for the suggestion!

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