Our Local Vampires Refuse to Quit

Our local vampires, or Veekpires as they like to call themselves, will stoop to anything to try to recruit Emily.  But they do have standards.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


7 thoughts on “Our Local Vampires Refuse to Quit

  1. You just can’t trust anybody..or any veekpire…for heaven’s sake…even I was taken in that Hector had a petting zoo….VERY FUN NY! !!!!!!!!! LOVED IT!!!!!..I am glad the veekpires have standards and hope the “Captain” took their advice…ANOTHER WINNER!!….Your No#1 fan—Norma

  2. Well, I couldn’t get past panel two without the
    Then the laugh.
    Then the having to start all over at the beginning.

    Did that twice.

    THEN had to start over AGAIN
    after panel 4!

    Yes, this is the best one yet by far and with no Dwayne or Tim none the less.

    with sticky star on forehead (a good thing).

  3. This cartoon is full of gems…it’s like a dazzling crown of sharp and funny dialogue, remarkable detail, wacky and wonderful characters that develop more and more each week (which never ceases to amaze me). And the crown sits atop the head of a cartooning Queen, my astoundingly clever sister, who has a wildly wonderful imagination living inside her! A Gorn with a petting zoo, no less (and I fell for that). I adore the 4th panel especially, but wait, I love the Gorn thing and the cable guy, and the not giving the dark gift to just anyone. Oh heck, I adore it ALL!

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