Our Local Ghoul, Dwayne is Back!

Our local ghoul, Dwayne, returns to Two Tops after regrowing his head once again.  Will he listen to Emily’s tale of woe?  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!

Also!  Two Tops will be closed next week.   But the bar will be back and open for business November 5th – so be sure to stop by then!


8 thoughts on “Our Local Ghoul, Dwayne is Back!

  1. The close-ups -ups of Emily….just great!!!! your drawings are awesome……and the storyline…comes from a wise creator….women-bla-bla-bla…and…the opposite whatever-(in this case vampires) hear only what they want …..LOVED IT!Your No#1 fan…norma

  2. Steve is right, Dude,(ette?). The closeups are fabulous, and I can just HEAR Emily telling her story without even stopping to breathe. Isn’t it perfect…we women talk, talk, talk, about what is IMPORTANT, and men go “Hey peanuts. Awesome!” By the way, I love the peanuts shooting out of Dwayne’s mouth as he speaks and Tim’s summary of his next favorite show. And a mullet, yikes! Was that not the biggest hair fiasco of all?!

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