And Now For A Splash of Culture

Like a new cocktail, we’re adding a splash of culture in the bar where Emily is learning you shouldn’t judge a ghoul by his cold pale flesh.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


4 thoughts on “And Now For A Splash of Culture

  1. LOVED IT!——-the dialogue is very clever…the tiara….perfect…and drawings .as usual,are superb…..thanks again ….for putting a big smile on my face!!!!!!!Your No#1 Fan..norma

  2. Nice one! Completely different………..a surprise new direction ……..which is always a welcome thing…………a nice nod to sis and all the ballets I’m sure you watched as a kid!

  3. I am still laughing at your uproarious new installment about life in the ghoul world, featuring Dwayne, a former ballet dancer ghoul with an exploding head who currently sports a mullet and now a TIARA because it makes him “feel sparkly. He must have been pretty damn good to have danced Aurora in Sleeping Beauty! I wonder which head he had then! Once again, I applaud your imagination and the exceptionally vivid way in which you bring your characters to life. You continue to impressively refine your gifts as a cartoonist. Bravo–both you and Dwayne deserve multiple curtain calls!

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