Thorndike Doesn’t Suck On Christmas!

Remember Thorndike?  If not, check the archives for December of 2009.  He’s back and determined to make up for last year.  Be sure to click on the image to enlarge!


6 thoughts on “Thorndike Doesn’t Suck On Christmas!

  1. I LOVE THORNDYKE!!!!WHAT A Fun and Funny Chriistmas eve
    present!!!! Thank you…it absolutely made my Night Before
    Christmas ….Your No #1 Fan…Norma

  2. My god, it’s huge! I can even make out the “TT” on the napkins! Never noticed that before.

    Also, I like how Thorny’s eye goes all bloodshot when he shoots snow (or whatever that substance is) out of his…er, appendage. Very metal, that. \m/

    • I’ve always wanted to be metal. Or have a creature that was, at least. The TT’s are fairly new since I’m drawing bigger and stitching. That’s what Erica Moen said to do. Draw big and stitch. A life lesson.

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