More Raw Footage From The Sketchbook

Unedited and unretouched straight from my brain for  your enjoyment.  Another boyfriend and gift for your perusal!

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


6 thoughts on “More Raw Footage From The Sketchbook

  1. Will there be a sequel .?? Weird “gift”…Roger looks like he REALLY needed a lighter…..The 70s….time flies….Love your sketchbook!!!!!.Your No#1 Fan.norma

  2. How you come up with these very funny situations is a
    mystery…but wait….you lived them….Will there be a sequel??
    Very much enjoyed your sketchbook…..norma

  3. Roger is enough material for many, many sketches to
    come…I await them with bottled up hysterical laughter that needs
    to be released, so tell your wildly funny brain to hurry!

    • Well, yes, Roger could be in a few more. Maybe. Who knows what lurks in my brain. I sure don’t. Thanks for commenting!

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