Raw Footage From The Sketchbook – Roger!

Roger and I and our pale scrawny legs roamed the “wilds” of Wheatridge, Colorado in search of adventure!   And remember, this is RAW, so…there should be a “day” in there.  Can you spot where?

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


2 thoughts on “Raw Footage From The Sketchbook – Roger!

  1. Darling! I especially love the uh, “cow” and the “He was from New York, I was from Suburbia.” And the cleverness of the drawings, and the inner and spoken dialogue and the captions, and…all of it! I think boyfriend Roger can provide a wealth of hilarious material…maybe an entire book. Oh, and these make me remember old boyfriends of mine…you can use them if you run out!

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