The Big Question

And what was the offer I just couldn’t refuse?  And by the way, I said yes!  AND I was even PAID!

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


3 thoughts on “The Big Question

  1. Very AMUSING….what DID you do until Santa finally arrived??Thanks for another great insight into the wild world of puppets and their masters…Your No 1 fan.Norma

  2. Oh my God…I don’t even know how to begin to comment on all the charm and sweet humor that oozes from this delightful glimpse into you life as a puppeteer! The drawings are adorable…I am especially fond of the transformation of the monster from hairy to bald. I am going to remember this image, yank the fur from every monster inside me, and laugh and laugh until they are all gone! And the entire Santa scenario…your talent, brilliant mind, and artistic gifts blow me away!

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