Roger and I Take the Puppets on the Road.

This might be where I obtained my love of road trips.  I loved zipping along, watching the scenery, chomping Wheat Thins.   I even loved driving the converted van – although, in a great show of automobile ignorance, I never understood what it was converted from exactly.  Or why it had to have a burning hot pipe running along the side.  My nemesis, that pipe.  I never seemed to learn.

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


4 thoughts on “Roger and I Take the Puppets on the Road.

  1. As always loved your drawungs…and now I’m puzzled..what the heck was that pipe for anyway?????Your No1 Fan………norma

  2. In spite of her nemesis, the master puppeteering team of Roger, puppet creator and Allison, his muse, took the world by storm, spreading their beautiful imaginations to children and adults…and who can say what that birthed in others and expanded in them. You are an amazingly unique and gifted woman, Allison Walker Payne, and you have given more than you will ever know to those who love you and to those who have only had a sweet brush with your presence…
    I especially love the “cast” relaxing before a show…darling!

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