Puppets, Tornados and Good Byes.

And now, boys and girls, I’m closing the chapter on Roger.  Be sure to click on the link AFTER you’ve read this week’s Raw Footage From the Sketchbook (With a wee bit of cheating in Photoshop!)


Shortly, I’ll be posting a VERY short movie with some of the images that inspired many of the drawings in the Roger Chapter.

3 thoughts on “Puppets, Tornados and Good Byes.

  1. Loved your depiction off the last Roger chapter in your life cleverly executed with a lovely tribute to a talented Puppeteer.

  2. Superb, Allison…It had me laughing wildly and then deeply moved…an amazing accomplishment in only one page. Filled with charming and poignant elements, it was the perfect finale and tribute to your experience, Roger’s uniqueness and your own incredible beauty of soul and heart.

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