Emily Doesn’t Make A New Friend.

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


4 thoughts on “Emily Doesn’t Make A New Friend.

  1. What a HOOT! Your sense of humor knows no bounds….and wouldn’t it be great if we could all carry around our little b ox of sun shine!!!!Beautifully drawn……your cartoons always brighten my day……..Your No#1 fan, Norma

  2. this is truth dressed up in fun……….when we’re down or into being depressed, noboody likes a happy person around……..it just about kills you to have to deal with sunnyness…..great one!

    • I love how you and my number 1 Fan find meaning that I didn’t even consider, but I’m SURE was there subconsciously!

  3. I think Edgar must have had a vibe going that attracted happy Emily with her chunk of sunshine because he was fed up (hee hee) with always having to eat the same basic meal and was ready to be done with the immortal life! Marvelous as always, Ms. Payne…I’m applauding and laughing uproariously at the same time!

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