Shrinkage, Anyone?

Local Ghoul, Dwayne and Regular Gal, Emily, welcome a new character to the bar, Two Tops!  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!


3 thoughts on “Shrinkage, Anyone?

  1. Wherever DO you get these delightful character ideas…oh, and by the way, I think this shrinkage thing is a GREAT idea. (of course, my mind originally went to a different kind of shrinkage…a manly kind…not that you could put THAT in a cartoon! Actually, you probably could, given your talent. OK, that’s a dare!) Anyway, I especially love the tiara, the professor’s outfit and hair, and the “little lady” and font remarks. Maaahvelous, Dahling! Simply Maahvelous!!

  2. Some scientist somewhere is going to grab this idea …if they haven’t already…Somewhere there will be built a monument to you. I shall look forward to a wee wee Emily in the future—-hope someone can produce a wine glass or coffee cup the right siZe…..Great Allison…Thank you!….Your No#1 Fan, Norma

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