Emily and Marie Explain

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger, sharper image!


8 thoughts on “Emily and Marie Explain

  1. Allison, THIS ONE IS YOUR BEST YET!!!!!Had to pick myself off the floor I laughed so hard’ AND needless to say your art work is fantastic!!….Your No1 Fan, Norma….and by the way Dwaynes’ Veronica lake hair style is to great for words,

  2. The pause is perfect as is the final frame! I can see the wind blowing Dwayne’s long locks as the ladies’ emotional revelations fly over his head! Great one A! Too much like real life………………..

  3. Just goes to show that self-discovery is mostly a woman’s domain! Mostly. Males of all persuasions (ghoul or god or human) deep down just want the pole dancer…it’s their nature and we love them! Dwayne’s blank face after the blah, blah, blah psychobabble we women are masters of is perfection! Marvelous as always, hysterical as always, and a perfect size helping of the grain of truth. As always, you are The Cartoonist Supreme!!!

    • Great to hear from you, James! And, yes, we women should accept that you men are MEN, with a whole different type of brain! I love it, personally. :0)

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