Get Your Gorn On.

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger, sharper image!


7 thoughts on “Get Your Gorn On.

  1. Loved it- nice to see Gorn back..And what in the world was Captain Phil thinking??? I.m always amazed at your drawings…the Gorn with his pad and pencil is incredible !!!!and the expressions are priceless….Great JOB!!!!!!…Your No1 Fan Norma

  2. I am in love with Hector the Gorn…OK, OK, not a brilliant intellectual, but he takes notes very cutely, has expressive eyes, lots of brawn and confidence, and a hearty (but yukky) appetite. Do you think he would date a vegan Un-Gorn? Stupendous, Ms. Payne…your success is assured because your talent is undeniable!

    • Well, sure he’d date a vegan Un-Gorn! It’s not the 50s, after all. Gorns and Un-Gorns can frolic together at will.

  3. This one is super fun and clever in that way you have that is innocent yet a little twisted and satirical. I loved the disclaimer that no goats were harmed – great touch!

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