Jesus, Uncle Albert and Audrey Hepburn

The latest Raw From The Sketchbook (with a wee assist from Photoshop – very wee).  It was pointed out to me that “alot” isn’t a word.  Sue me.  Also, just a bit of trivia – the Evil Dr. Hebel eventually lost his practice as he was dipping into his own supply of cocaine for recreational use.  Children across the area cheered.


6 thoughts on “Jesus, Uncle Albert and Audrey Hepburn

  1. I like the photoshopped bits (wee as they are) alot. Well, okay, a lot. This is adorable – I love being given a peek into the evolution of your Soul in such an entertaining way!

  2. I do think its really cool when you incorporate real photos with your sketches….very creative…and now —we’re all on the edge of our computers (as it were)wondering….did this poor innocent child EVER find her spiritual home??? Drawings by the way as always are super! Your No 1 Fan,,,Norma

  3. Allison Walker Payne has done it again–taken us back in time in a brilliantly funny way! I never knew that my little sister once longed to be a nun (this NEVER happened to me!). To see her spiritual odyssey (and probably deeply appreciate your own), take a walk into the yearnings for the Divine from the point of view of perhaps the most imaginative child that ever lived (at least in my opinion). Why, the drawing of her t-shirt nun habit alone will make your foray worthwhile. Oh, and if any of you had a brother or sister who loved to tease and torment, you will especially appreciate her little kid attempt to forgive our brother (who shall here remain nameless)!

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