In The Beginning: There Were Ghouls and Silly People From Seattle.

Just so y’all won’t forget me and The Ghouls whilst the ‘toon is on hiatus, I’ll be posting the occasional fabulous bit from The Before Vault.  Today, we are featuring a bit from almost the very beginning.  Here you see my early version of Dwayne and a much less hunchy Tim as they interact with a couple from Seattle.  Dwayne has since shaved his goatee, got contacts and grew ears.  I was also hand-lettering until I decided the computer was so much faster.  But there’s something to be said about hand-lettering.

And below is what it showed up back on Nov 11, 2009.  I did decide the Seattle dude needed a ponytail.  And Tim grew fingernails.  Trish became a “Tweeting Coach”, because I read there was such a thing.  As well as Fish Tank Stylists.

See you next time!


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