A Photo From The Before Vault and a Gently Used Sketchbook Rerun.

  Work on my new website continues!  Soon I will be asking all my faithful subscribers to high-tail it over there and subscribe .  You will love it.  I was hoping it could spew out rose petals or champagne but technology hasn’t quite caught up with my vision as of yet.

In the meantime feast your eyes on the emerging manliness of Jim From Down The Street – Boyfriend #2 featured in the below Raw From The Sketchbook Rerun.  I must say I am impressed with Jim’s perfectly arched eyebrows.  They must be natural, I can’t imagine a 13 year old boy manscaping in the early ’70’s.  Not sure if this is a school photo, or if he did it at the photo booth inside Woolworth’s.  I loved that photo booth.  It was magic.

Oh, and Happy Autumn Equinox!


2 thoughts on “A Photo From The Before Vault and a Gently Used Sketchbook Rerun.

  1. You know who Valtitude is, right, Allison? Think Colorado, ballet and critters …

    I LOVE your looks back at childhood and teen years … brings back memories. Plus I don’t feel like I was so awkward now – I thought a lot like you did. A good thing, I think, looking back. Ballet interfered with me having a real boyfriend, though. The guys I wanted to be friends with, or thought were cute were scared to death of me my friends said. The only guys that would ask me out were guys I’d grown up with since kindergarten. Where’s the fun in that?!? Ha

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