The Gorn Gets an Urge

Be sure to click on the ‘toon for a bigger, sharper image!


6 thoughts on “The Gorn Gets an Urge

      • Noel,
        Thanks for the comment! To answer your question – It depends. If you count coming up with idea, pondering it, changing it and finally writing it and then changing it some more – it seems to take forever. The actual drawing, scanning, coloring and text also depends on the complexity. Sometimes I can use previous toons as a template which speeds things up. If I’m introducing a new character then it takes longer. Is that vague enough for you? Suffice to say, right now I’m able to do one a week but hope to do two a week at some point.

  1. I Love your political current happenings comment! Very apropos!! And I LOVED Gorns HAT!!…So glad you’re back with your loveable unique Ghouls! Your No1 Fan….norma

  2. The endlessly clever cartoonist, Allison Walker Payne, has returned in perfect form! Join the Gorn for a light lunch of, well…just the right size bite! Notice the delight all round at the end!

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