SPECIAL EDITON! In Honor of Bullit. 1994ish-2012


16 thoughts on “SPECIAL EDITON! In Honor of Bullit. 1994ish-2012

  1. Thank YOU!!!!! for a wonderful tribute to a wonderful dog and the woman privileged to have her. Your drawings of Bullit are awesome…you captured her spirit! THANK YOU Your No 1 Fan Norma and Bullit

    • It’s hard to imagine you without Bullit by your side, but I think she’ll be there often just on the other side of that almost sheer enough to see through curtain! I was always so amazed at how, on walks, she would be careful to walk slowly down a hill or over some logs so as not to pull you down. Sweet sweet girl.

  2. I can’t seem to stop crying…

    Missing Bullit and seeing her in vast meadows, on endless beaches, and in the hearts of everyone who loved her, dining on trees made of bacon!

  3. I never knew Bullit but anyone who loves dogs knows what a wonderful storyteller you are. A great tribute. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This is a BEAUTIFUL tribute piece in honor of Bullit, Allison. It’s so uplifting and wonderful! I’m so sorry I didn’t read this until tonight. I’ll write to your Mom as soon as I can. She must be feeling a bit lost without Bullit. I know when our pets pass away, I cry seemingly forever.

    There’s a LOT I haven’t told you about what’s gone on with our pets – and dear friends – during 2011. I’m writing it up in a Note on Facebook for you and Laura – your Mom, if she likes – and whoever else might want to read the page.

    Our dog Panda, was physically a LOT like Bullit as I think I told all of you. When Panda passed away, I felt like I lost my entire left arm and part of my left rib cage, literally – like part of me went with her. I drew pictures of Panda everyday for more than a year – and wept, seemingly forever.

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute to loyal dog Soul, Bullit, dear Allison. I’m sorry Bullit is away from us, but I know she’ll be waiting for your Mom and you and Laura when your time comes to cross over.

    I’ll let you know when my Note is ready for reading …


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