Is Lack of A Sense of Style A Sort of Style?

My anxiety over shopping and clothes and fashion and style no doubt started as soon as I became aware that people often looked at other people.  I longed to be the type that could toss on anything and look brilliantly put together.  But I imagine even those people stared into their closets for extended periods of time.  My mom also hated shopping which explains why she preferred to drop me off at the mall.  These days I am thrilled to be able to do most shopping online, though I do venture into a mall on occasion.  Generally, I wander about, feeling more and more morose, until I shuffle out to head home hoping for a nap.  The “rust” corduroys featured below, which I bought in 1980ish, I kept for 25 years hoping orange, pleated pants that were tight around the ankles would come back into style.

And below the toon, a bonus photo of Fabulous Dan and myself playing around with the Halloween wigs for sale in the shop which sold theatrical supplies.  He was a hoot!


9 thoughts on “Is Lack of A Sense of Style A Sort of Style?

  1. Loved your toon ! We all struggle with a “sense of style -what the heck is it anyway ??your drawings are always awesome ….thank you .norma

  2. Keeping clothes long enough until they come back in style is a real money saver — plus, when you break them out again, they have that “vintage” look, which usual means even MORE trendy. Oh how I wish I had more money… : /

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