It’s Home Movie Time!

I’m planning several cartoons on my relationship with water and pools and swimming.  To wet your appetite, I bring you a very short video starring myself as The Vamp, my brother, Brian as The Handsome Hero and my sister, LauraBeth as Vengeful Woman.  This was filmed originally in Aurora, Colorado at the King’s Inn Motel on Colfax in the mid 60s.  We didn’t stay at the motel, but we spent our summers in the pool in the back (as well as the public pool at Delmar Park).  Watching this, I am amazed at how I remembered this pool to be much larger!  But then, I was much smaller.



3 thoughts on “It’s Home Movie Time!

  1. A mermaid pretending to be a damsel in distress…charming!
    I love the way you put this together so adorably…combining humor and sweetness…
    What memories flood in (since we are in waterland)!

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