An Interesting Commission

A fellow asked for a painting of his family.  As cats.  Eating breakfast.

Speaking of cats, I’m planning the next Sketchbook entry to include the saga of our cat, Jake and his two recent surgeries.  Possible titles: The Good, The Bad and The Coned;Beneath the Planet of The Coned; How to Drive A Cat To the Animal Emergency Hospital While Somewhat Hammered.

See you then!



A Whole Different ‘Toon

Greetings, Boys and Girls!  A few years back I was commissioned to do a series of cartoons on the fun of menopause.  If you are a male living with a woman “of a certain age” perhaps you can relate.  Ditto if you are a woman living with a woman “of a certain age.”  And if you are BOTH women “of a certain age” well…I’m just sorry.  And if you are a young dude, this could be in your future.   This is certainly what my husband is living through on a daily basis.  Also, if you are a man and are looking for tons of info on what your woman is going through – menopause-wise, check out  And as an added bonus, if you watch the trailer for the DVD, not only will you see the GORGEOUS Jan Brehm, you can feast your eyes on your’s truly and a news anchor experiencing a hot flash.  Click on the ‘toon for a bigger, sharper image!