Thorndike Doesn’t Suck On Christmas!

Remember Thorndike?  If not, check the archives for December of 2009.  He’s back and determined to make up for last year.  Be sure to click on the image to enlarge!


The Flying of Time – Happy One Year Birthday, Two Tops!

Actually, a year and a day ago, I said, What the Hell, and posted my first installment of Two Tops.  Although Steve had, for years, said, you should do more comics!  It didn’t really kick in until another Steve (and you know who you are) sent me “Wonderella”, a webcomic, and said, you should totally do one.  And THEN, it only took about two years to do it.  I’m not a fast worker.  I need to mull.  I need to ponder.  I bought a wacom tablet (where I do the final drawing and text) and it sat on my computer desk for a year.  THEN, I said, this is ridiculous, and I BOXED it back up and put it away.  I needed to mull some more.  One morning, I said to myself, get over your fear of electronics and the internet and what people think and just START.  So, knowing NOTHING, I started.  Now I know just a teensy bit more a year and a day later.  As you can see, my style has changed somewhat, and continues to do so and I hope you’ll continue to follow me and my ghouls and their adventures.