Newly Rediscovered Ancient Cartoon Of Mine

My last post was about an incident in Jr. High Choir.  After I posted I was digging through old stuff for cartoon fodder, I came across a series of “misery is…” and “happiness is…” cartoons (which I’m pretty sure I stole from somewhere) that I think I just did for fun and for a friend.  Thankfully, my style has changed a bit.  Also, in this version, done far closer in time to the actual incident, I am in the front row as opposed to the back!  I remember it now rather differently.  It’s odd how the memory works.

Speaking of cats, mine is having a small surgery tomorrow therefore I’ll be obsessing over his recovery and might not be doing a new ‘toon.  And by obsessing, I mean staring at him, following him around, wringing my hands (a la my favorite Muppet Beaker) and trying not to call the vet every ten minutes.