Just So You Know, I LOVED the J Peterman Catalog!



Knowing Your Significant Other. Or Not.

Buying clothes for your significant other is perilous at best.  Especially when you really are still in that getting-to-know-you phase.  Even though we had known each other for over two years, I obviously did not know Steve as well as I thought.  There is one more BIG reason this shirt pictured below was not such a big hit.  This will be made clear in the continuation!

This episode From the Sketchbook was inspired by a conversation on Facebook that initially started with me trying to decide what I wanted for my birthday.  I decided to go with this instead of the saga of my cat, Jake.  I will get to that, though, at some point!

For those of you not familiar with the J Peterman catalog, all of the clothes had these short
“stories” that bordered on the ridiculous.  So ridiculous, it was parodied on some hysterical “Seinfeld” episodes, featuring the “Urban Sombrero” amongst other things.

Hope you enjoy this snapshot into my life.

From The Sketchbook: It’s Pantyhose Time!

Seventh grade really should have been called the Seventh Circle Of Hell.  Seventh graders (when it was called “Junior High” and not Middle School) were at the bottom of the food chain and were lorded over by the ninth graders.  I enjoyed choir, though.  Mostly.  After the ‘toon, I’ve included a photo of myself around this age.  I’m sporting the growing out of a “shag” haircut, courtesy of my mom.  One of the songs we sang for this performance was “Sweet Betsy From Pike”.  An interesting tale, that was sanitized for our delicate age.  Her “lover” Ike was made into her husband.  And I’m not sure how many verses we sang – from what I’ve seen it was a long tale.  Sweet Betsy held off “Injuns”, nearly died in the desert, was eyed by Brigham Young in Utah and Ike ended up divorcing her for dancing with a miner.   Another I recall was “I’ve Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle” about a roaming cowboy who romanced tons of women, but left them because, I guess, he preferred his jangling spurs.

Also, many of you may experience the wonderment of wordpress amping up the colors for whatever reason…

Is Lack of A Sense of Style A Sort of Style?

My anxiety over shopping and clothes and fashion and style no doubt started as soon as I became aware that people often looked at other people.  I longed to be the type that could toss on anything and look brilliantly put together.  But I imagine even those people stared into their closets for extended periods of time.  My mom also hated shopping which explains why she preferred to drop me off at the mall.  These days I am thrilled to be able to do most shopping online, though I do venture into a mall on occasion.  Generally, I wander about, feeling more and more morose, until I shuffle out to head home hoping for a nap.  The “rust” corduroys featured below, which I bought in 1980ish, I kept for 25 years hoping orange, pleated pants that were tight around the ankles would come back into style.

And below the toon, a bonus photo of Fabulous Dan and myself playing around with the Halloween wigs for sale in the shop which sold theatrical supplies.  He was a hoot!

Will Dwayne’s Dream of Meeting the Ghost Hunter Babes Ever Come True?

The second installment in the Ghost Hunters story arc!  From March, 2010.  Work on the new website continues.  I’m a slow worker.  Even when I have help.  The current plan is up and running with a new comic the last week of October – just in time for Halloween!  Click on the ‘toon for a sharper image!