Just So You Know, I LOVED the J Peterman Catalog!



Knowing Your Significant Other. Or Not.

Buying clothes for your significant other is perilous at best.  Especially when you really are still in that getting-to-know-you phase.  Even though we had known each other for over two years, I obviously did not know Steve as well as I thought.  There is one more BIG reason this shirt pictured below was not such a big hit.  This will be made clear in the continuation!

This episode From the Sketchbook was inspired by a conversation on Facebook that initially started with me trying to decide what I wanted for my birthday.  I decided to go with this instead of the saga of my cat, Jake.  I will get to that, though, at some point!

For those of you not familiar with the J Peterman catalog, all of the clothes had these short
“stories” that bordered on the ridiculous.  So ridiculous, it was parodied on some hysterical “Seinfeld” episodes, featuring the “Urban Sombrero” amongst other things.

Hope you enjoy this snapshot into my life.

Puppets, Tornados and Good Byes.

And now, boys and girls, I’m closing the chapter on Roger.  Be sure to click on the link AFTER you’ve read this week’s Raw Footage From the Sketchbook (With a wee bit of cheating in Photoshop!)


Shortly, I’ll be posting a VERY short movie with some of the images that inspired many of the drawings in the Roger Chapter.

Roger, Alli and The Puppets Head to Aspen Forgetting One Vital Thing.

For those who think Denver and environs are closely tucked up against the mountains, it’s actually a good three and a half hour drive to Aspen.  Which makes Housemate Martha an even bigger hero!

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!

Roger and I Take the Puppets on the Road.

This might be where I obtained my love of road trips.  I loved zipping along, watching the scenery, chomping Wheat Thins.   I even loved driving the converted van – although, in a great show of automobile ignorance, I never understood what it was converted from exactly.  Or why it had to have a burning hot pipe running along the side.  My nemesis, that pipe.  I never seemed to learn.

Click on the ‘toon for a bigger sharper image!