Just So You Know, I LOVED the J Peterman Catalog!



From The Sketchbook: It’s Pantyhose Time!

Seventh grade really should have been called the Seventh Circle Of Hell.  Seventh graders (when it was called “Junior High” and not Middle School) were at the bottom of the food chain and were lorded over by the ninth graders.  I enjoyed choir, though.  Mostly.  After the ‘toon, I’ve included a photo of myself around this age.  I’m sporting the growing out of a “shag” haircut, courtesy of my mom.  One of the songs we sang for this performance was “Sweet Betsy From Pike”.  An interesting tale, that was sanitized for our delicate age.  Her “lover” Ike was made into her husband.  And I’m not sure how many verses we sang – from what I’ve seen it was a long tale.  Sweet Betsy held off “Injuns”, nearly died in the desert, was eyed by Brigham Young in Utah and Ike ended up divorcing her for dancing with a miner.   Another I recall was “I’ve Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle” about a roaming cowboy who romanced tons of women, but left them because, I guess, he preferred his jangling spurs.

Also, many of you may experience the wonderment of wordpress amping up the colors for whatever reason…

Cathy Rigby, Eat Your Heart Out! From the Sketchbook.

Be sure to click on the image to get a sharper…image.  And if anyone can enlighten me as to how to make the image sharper without having to click on it, feel free!

A Photo From The Before Vault and a Gently Used Sketchbook Rerun.

  Work on my new website continues!  Soon I will be asking all my faithful subscribers to high-tail it over there and subscribe .  You will love it.  I was hoping it could spew out rose petals or champagne but technology hasn’t quite caught up with my vision as of yet.

In the meantime feast your eyes on the emerging manliness of Jim From Down The Street – Boyfriend #2 featured in the below Raw From The Sketchbook Rerun.  I must say I am impressed with Jim’s perfectly arched eyebrows.  They must be natural, I can’t imagine a 13 year old boy manscaping in the early ’70’s.  Not sure if this is a school photo, or if he did it at the photo booth inside Woolworth’s.  I loved that photo booth.  It was magic.

Oh, and Happy Autumn Equinox!

Jesus and Ollie The Dragon

This week we delve into my eight or nine year old mind to discover what transformed my love for Jesus.  Last week, if you’ll recall, I was in the waiting room of the dentist and reading Uncle Albert’s Bedtime Stories.  And why would the Evil Dr. Hebel have bedtime stories in his office anyway?  Because he was EVIL that’s why.  Be sure to toon in next week for Reason #2 my friend Marcy was so awesome.

Jesus, Uncle Albert and Audrey Hepburn

The latest Raw From The Sketchbook (with a wee assist from Photoshop – very wee).  It was pointed out to me that “alot” isn’t a word.  Sue me.  Also, just a bit of trivia – the Evil Dr. Hebel eventually lost his practice as he was dipping into his own supply of cocaine for recreational use.  Children across the area cheered.