A Rare Look Behind The Scenes of a Webcomic

Recently I have been bombarded by fans (okay, well, two) who ask how do I come up with this strip and what is involved.  And so I decided to answer with a step by step on exactly how my genius makes it to the computer.

1. Start thinking.


3.Harass the cat to clear the head.

4. Get back  to work!

5.Take a break to watch Steve try to figure out what’s wrong with his amp.6. Get serious!

7. Do some research.

8.Actually start to write something.

9. Take a break to watch Steve try to figure out what’s wrong with his amp.

10. Write a bit more.

11.  Watch tv.

12. Begin to tune pencil sketch.

13. Learn some dance moves.

14.  Realize I am way too white to ever move like that.  Get depressed.  Take a nap.

15. Get back to something I can do – ink the pencil sketch using my light board.

16.  Wake up my ass.

17.  Scan  inked strip into the computer!  We’re getting somewhere now!

18.  Download (upload? whatever…) into Photoshop.

19. Start to color using my trusty Wacom Tablet.

20.  Screw up.

21.  Take a break for more research.

22.  Several hours later, finish up and post!

And that, my friends, is that.  Bear in mind, these steps are stretched out over several days and also include Steve posing for various things.  For example!  The below pose…

was used in this!And now I must go try to think of the next episode.  Hope this helps everyone understand what goes on in the mind of a cartoonist.  This is really how it works.  Charles Schultz did it the exact same way.  Honest.